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Adam Krim, President, Restart.One Puerto Rico and CEO, SymbioNet

Adam is the engineer of visionary ventures that are in “right alignment” with an evolving culture and economy that enhances the quality of life for all of the planet’s citizens and for the Earth itself. A Wharton business graduate, he marries marketing leadership and business savvy with social consciousness. He is a co-founder of The Confluence, a digital PR firm that works closely with several national and international transformational festivals, lifestyle brands, Fortune 500 clients and funded startups, and remains on the Board of C2C Marketing (which he co-founded), a fast growing performance marketing company with offices in Las Vegas, Hong Kong and the Philippines.  As CEO of SymbioNet, he brings a wealth of experience in business strategy, sales, on-line / off-line marketing, and event management. In this capacity, Adam is actively engaged with The PoEM Foundation, UG Strategies, ShelterCoin, and a growing list of operations which symbiotically benefit the entire SymbioNet network. Adam’s highly effective form of networking across a spectrum of areas of critical concern including fund raising, strategic partnerships, large event production, mass marketing, and emergent technologies, and has already brought significant relationships to many organizations around the world. Recently Adam found his next home in Puerto Rico as President of Restart.One, a non-profit foundation supporting the redevelopment of Puerto Rico through utilizing resources to catalyze scalable impact by empowering Puerto Rican leaders with global expertise.