Evolutionary Catalyst

Alokananda is a mentor, community builder, healer and artist with over a decade of experience empowering individuals and groups. Aloka has passed through many initiations & immersive trainings with varying wisdom keepers, spiritual mentors, native & non-native healers, entrepreneurs, coaches and is a lineage holder in multiple traditions. As a mentor he supports emerging leaders in fortifying their authentic sovereignty, self mastery path and soul mission. Aloka is passionate about bridging the gap between entrepreneurship, and activism. For the last decade He has also devoted himself to learning from & consulting with many communities & solutionaries within varying fields of an emergent movement that is catalyzing the co-creation of eco-villages. An advocate for the preservation of indigenous wisdom; as ALOKA his music and message carries a rallying call to participate in a new cultural narrative that prioritizes heart centered living and earth stewardship.