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Jay Markert (“Jay Ma)" - CEO, Permaculture Convergence

Jay is a regenerative design consultant, permaculture teacher, community organizer, event producer, and social entrepreneur.  Jay works with organizations, businesses and communities designing and implementing projects, trainings, events, and initiatives for personal, ecological and social transformation in the United States and internationally. His design consulting, implementation, and project management experience includes numerous projects in his home bioregion in the San Francisco Bay Area & Northern California from urban backyards to broadacre farms, nationally across the U.S., and internationally.

Jay is the founder and Director of Programs at Living Mandala – and has co-produced or facilitated over 100 educational programs, conferences and community development projects for over 18 years with many different organizations, including developing an advanced aquaponics course with other aquaponic industry leaders that became one of the top trainings in the industry: Closed-Loop Aquaponics With Applied Permaculture Design: Backyard, Family & Commercial Systems. Jay has co-lead over 10 Permaculture Design Certification Courses, and is a frequent guest teacher or speaker at trainings and events.

Jay is co-founder of Living Earth Technologies, which is pioneering new systems to produce food, fish, fiber, medicinal herbs, soil, beverages and other products in a way that is financially thriving, ecologically regenerative, and socially responsible.

Jay serves as the Fiscal Sponsorship Co-Chair and Director of Sustainability Education and Events at Empowerment Works – a global sustainability think tank in action dedicated to the advancement of whole-system, locally-led solutions for a thriving world.

Jay is also the Executive Produce of the Building Resilient Communities Permaculture Convergence - the largest permaculture gathering in the world. Jay was co-producer and production manager of The Global Summit IV: Women, Power, Money, & Politics, held in San Francisco in 2014.

Jay received his first Permaculture Design Certificate in 2001, received a B.S. through New College of California in Culture, Ecology, and Sustainable Community with a concentration in Regenerative Design, and received a M.S. with Gaia University in Integrative Eco-Social Design. Jay is a two-time graduate of the pioneering two-year training intensive in Regenerative Design & Nature Awareness “(RDNA)” through the Regenerative Design Institute. Jay is also graduate and featured business entrepreneur from the Venture Greenhouse - a 1.5 year green business incubator program in San Rafael, CA. Jay is a skilled project manager, engaging educator, and community leader passionate about creating thriving, sustainable human settlements in harmony with the environment.