Jordan Harbinger on building social capital both personally and professionally

“So now we start to think of ourselves as confident, open, friendly people. We’re treated as open, confident and friendly people and that is a virtuous cycle.”– Jordan Harbinger

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Jordan Harbinger

Jordan Harbinger (@TheArtofCharm), an authority on social interactions has traveled places in the world that most people have never gone and that many people wouldn’t dream of. He tells us hair-raising stories about being in the former Yugoslavia as it disintegrated and his time in North Korea. As he describes his kidnapping, you get an idea of how he is able to use his communication skills to talk his way out of what were literally life and death situations. Now he’s the co-founder of the internationally recognized “The Art of Charm” podcast and consulting with business and individuals on developing networking and communication skills. Listen to this episode to hear some quick tips on communication and networking for entrepreneurs.

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