Medicial Plants: Noni

Noni, Blue Cheese Fruit (Morinda citrifolia)

Part Used: Fruit, Leaves and Bark


Externally: Fruit is used topically for skin irritation, acne, psoriasis and eczema. The fruit juice is useful for head lice. The unripe fruit can be placed
over a wound to stop bleeding. Fruit mixed with
Kava and Ginger as a poultice for sprains and

Internally: The fruit is good for Type 2 diabetes in balancing blood sugar levels.
The fruit juice fermented is great as a nourishing
tonic for the bowels and is rich in pro and

Note:Roots and bark are used as dyes, making yellow, red and purple-black pigments. The leaves and roots are complete proteins. Fruit should be harvested green, sliced and placed in a jar to ripen, then pressed for the juice.



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