TRIBALIZE III – Programming Submission Form

TRIBALIZE III will convene visionaries, entrepreneurs and leaders in their respective fields. Our programming is intended to inspire our participants, incite discussion and tap into the collective intelligence of all who attend! 

Since all of TRIBALIZE III attendees are passionate thought leaders who likely have a high level of literacy around regenerative living/community development/civilization building, presentations are designed to advance the collective intelligence of the groups and to lift each other up into the future as we grow as a community in practice together.

TRIBALIZE III will encourage programming with the right conditions for us to harness the collective intelligence of the community present and to nourish the ongoing tribe moving forward thereafter.  The Summit is designed to help maximize the social fusion of participants as much as possible.

We see our presenters as team members and co-creators. In order to keep attendee costs affordable, we are unable to offer tickets and accommodations to every presenter. TRIBALIZE is still in it’s inception where we are building the right audience for our Summits. We invite all forms of support as we keep our Summits intentionally small (300-400 attendees) with high level of attendees that provide substantial value for everyone in the room. We believe in the power of exquisite coherent field building.

If you feel called to contribute to the intellectual, social, and spiritual capital at TRIBALIZE III Summit, please fill out the following form. We will be in touch with you as soon as possible and will make every effort to find you an appropriate opportunity to present at this upcoming Summit and/or future Summits, Masterminds, Virtual Summits and many other events that our tribes or we produce. We are grateful for your interest in for becoming a part of TRIBALIZE and the regenerative community/culture/civilization movement.