Punta Mona Video by Rob Greenfield!


Environmental educator and activist Rob Greenfield spent the months of February and March in Costa Rica. We were so lucky to have him be a headliner at Envision 2017 as well as come to Punta Mona and stay with us at our house in LEV.

Rob embodies the immaterial, for as ironic as that sounds!

He only owns at any time 111 items, he is dedicated to living with only $5000 a year, what many people live on in countries around the globe, donating all extra income to nonprofits. He seeks to always use less and always do his best. Rob has been a huge inspiration for me, especially in relation to the 6Rs:

Refuse – do I need it?
Reuse – keep it in the system as long as possible.
Reduce – if I have to use it, can I use less?
Repair – before I buy, make sure I can get creative and fix it if necessary.
Repurpose – can I find a way to use it in a whole new way?
Recycle – recycling comes last, because the energy input often offsets the energy saved in breaking down the material to be recreated into another item out of a degraded material. i.e.: melting cars and making them into recycled steel beams.

Rob is an inspirational speaker and educator, who “woke” himself up in his mid twenties, directing his life in service of the planet.

Rob has an amazing sense of humor and a willingness to be and do good by everyone he meets…

Click on the image below for Rob’s Recent TEDxIHEParis sharing his story!

rob greenfield envision 2017Rob at Envision 2017 Village Stage

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