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Raymond D. Powell

Ray channels system designs that are consistently discovered to be in high resonance with natural patterns. Ray has a diverse set of talents from coaching in individual personal transformation and group dynamics, to the design and development of New Earth digital systems and software. Ray started programming computers at the age of 7 and by the age of 19 was hired as a professional software engineer. Since then, he has stayed on the cutting edge of industry trends and he now applies that knowledge to cocreate systems and blueprints that take on some of today's most complex social problems. Through the writing of code, as well as identifying and bringing together the most talented engineers and systems architects on the planet to synchronize their efforts, one of Ray’s fundamental goals is to unify people through the creation of new standards of action and interaction that more closely align with natural patterns inherent in the fabric of the Universe.

Becoming an entrepreneur and obtaining success as a young man, in parallel with awakening to the reality of a world filled with oppression, Ray set out to create true inner wealth beyond money. He has been a pioneer in truly defining sovereignty, and revealing how from that place, people can create environments of true synergistic co-creation. From capitalist, to activist, Ray has been bringing awareness to what was really going on in the world since 2007. When Ray became a father, he was pushed him even further into figuring out how to create profound changes in our political, social, and economical systems. Now, half of his year is dedicated to being a Dad to three beautiful star children, and the other half is dedicated to serving to bridge humanity into a new paradigm through his positions as Lead Architect and Developer for The New Earth Digital CoGoverance Platform, Director of Digital Technology for The New Earth Collective, co-creator and participant in a new earth technology guild, and a contributor to the Ceptr/Holochain project.