The Danger of Separate Ownership

Greed, selfishness, jealousy, and pathological competition…all find their root in the word “mine” — separate ownership — which implies separate and competitive interest rather than symbiotic and shared interest, and a concept of ownership that is about possession and control rather than access and stewardship…. founded in a sense of self that is separate and threatened by the rest of existence, rather than interdependent with and supported by it….and that is a consumer of nature rather than an integral part of natures resource life-cycle flows.
Not only are these traits not innate or natural….they are really the aberrant psychology of wounded people. Like the burning of women as witches during the dark ages or the throwing of Christians to lions in Rome, much of what we call normal now is really a kind of ubiquitous mental illness… and will be seen as such be the people of the future.
“Being well adjusted to a profoundly insane society is not a good measure of mental health.” ~Krishnamurti

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