Tibet Sprague, co-founder of the Terran Collective

Tibet is a communitarian since birth, an entrepreneur and technologist by trade, and a passionate evangelist of the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible. After several startups and most recently spending seven years helping grow the residential solar industry, he left to explore how to apply his skills in digital technology towards community building, redesigning our economic system to work for everyone, and rethinking our social structures to be more cooperative, decentralized, peaceful, and joyful.

He is a co-founder of the Terran Collective which is part technology agency and part cooperative company working to design, prototype and practice systems and tools that foster trust and collaboration, helping each person find their purpose and share their gifts with the world. Currently Terran is working on DAOstack, a governance platform for large-scale decentralized organizations, built on the Ethereum blockchain. He is also passionate about local community building and spends a lot of time thinking new ways to build trust, collectivize ownership, and enable empowered collective decision making at every scale.