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Todd Youngblood

Founder vitae.Foundation

Todd started the vitae.Foundation project in mid-2017 to study the overlap in cryptocurrency technologies between social finance and public impact work. The team behind the vitae.Foundation is instantiating a campaign to redefine the limits of technology and open new doors to the regenerative future. The vitae.Foundation team is constructing a platform of human value that recognizes collaborative organizations as the single most powerful force for good.

Todd is triangulating social entrepreneurship, finance, and technology around human design. He is a data nerd from the banking and finance space - with a passion for economic projects relating to financial inclusion and cultural protection. Prior to hisy work in the blockchain space, he was a Data Scientist at US Bank working in Risk Analysis. He has an MBA in Information Technology Management from Western Governors University in Salt Lake City and a Professional Certificate in Advanced Computer Security from Stanford University.