Urban entrepreneurs : the OuiShare Fest wants you good!

For its 5th edition, the OuiShare Fest 2017 calls the entrepreneurs to throw themselves into its cauldron in Pantin! Convinced that the city is the appropriate scale of the great transitions to come, we want to make this event a space for interaction, inspiration and co-creation so that entrepreneurs from all walks of life, elected officials, citizens, corporates, visionaries, mentors and other activists from all around the world could draw together the new alliances that will transform our territories.

Builders of the city of the past and present, join us!

Holders of projects with a strong territorial impact, subscribe!

Princes of the city of tomorrow, unite!

This year, from the 5th to the 7th of July, we focus our attention on cities as a suitable scale for imagination and experimentation.

The OuiShare Fest, a vocation catalyst

Supporting the emergence and acceleration of ambitious entrepreneurial projects has always been at the heart of OuiShare’s events. After the success of the OuiShare Awards in 2014, OuiShare Fest Forward and the Poc21 eco-hacking residence in 2016, we now want to concentrate our efforts on projects with a strong territorial impact. Two reasons for this: our will to anchor our international event at the local level, while serving at the same time entrepreneurs who experiment the city of tomorrow, inclusive, resilient and convivial.

Supporting entrepreneurs to transform our territories

With the support of an international community of city experts and entrepreneurs, we will support urban project holders, through a specific journey matching their concerns as well as working and mentoring sessions during the event. They will benefit from a privileged access to the event and its stakeholders, taking advantage of three days of exchanges and meetings to draw inspiration, remove barriers and reinforce their territorial impact at local, national or even international level.

Aware that the transition of territories would only take place with the implication of all stakeholders, we will facilitate the creation of new alliances between entrepreneurs, communities and corporate groups around these projects in order to facilitate their experimentation.

Lastly, we will document and share in open-source the linkage and acceleration work carried out during the OuiShare Fest, convinced that the dissemination of territorial innovations and their potential obstacles constitute an important lever to ensure their advent.

A call to the princes of the city

We invite today all those who carry solutions foreshadowing the city of tomorrow to follow us in an original expedition that would be:

– Creative of value for you, by the quality of encounters within international ecosystems, varied and bubbling;
– Provocative of sense and senses, by the disruptive nature of the topics tackled, the depth of the content dispensed and the originality of the formats chosen to support them;
– Supporting the dynamics that will accompany you in the realisation of your projects.

So, if you have an entrepreneurial project with a strong territorial impact and want to mature your concept, to launch the experimentation, to export it or to scale it:

– Book your ticket for the OuiShare Fest 2017

– By June 15th, fill out our form and we will contact you shortly

– Any questions? ideas? email Victor at [email protected]

Urban entrepreneurs: the OuiShare Fest wants you good!

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